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About Us

Seahorse World - ‘A World First' for Tasmania.

The mystical seahorse has always been a source of immense attraction. However, through fishing and habitat destruction, their numbers globally have dwindled. Seahorse World at Beauty Point, Northern Tasmania, is a unique facility designed to help conserve this creature, through reduction in the pressure of the wild catch for the global aquarium industry and to provide an excellent tourism and educational experience.

In the past thirteen years Seahorse World, has become a significant regional attraction for Northern Tasmania attracting over 350,000 visitors and employing up to 14 local staff. Seahorse World, is a wonderful illustration of both business and environmental achievement.

Seahorse World grew out of research work initiated at the University of Tasmania in the 1990's looking into the life cycle of the Pot Bellied Seahorse that is native to Tasmania. From this, a commercial breeding project, Seahorse Australia, began in 1998 and from its earliest days attracted visitor interest. In 1999 a feasibility study was conducted to explore a tourism venture alongside the breeding project.

Seahorse World is now a family owned aquaculture venture run by Craig and Rachelle Hawkins. Rachelle was the Senior Biologist at the commencement of the project. It is also part of one of Australia's largest and growing ornamental fish farms Seahorse Australia, supplying both marine and freshwater fish to pet wholesalers and public aquariums around the world.

Today, Seahorse World gives visitors a unique educational tour experience through this fascinating aquarium dedicated to the breeding, education and conservation of the seahorse.

The focus is in providing visitors with a personalised, friendly and informative experience. The education entertainment is provided by four visitor experiences, namely:

Seahorse World, has proven itself to be an important component of the Tasmanian tourism experience due to the uniqueness of the product and experience offered, being of interest to visitors of all ages.

Additionally, due to its location it enables itineraries to be planned that benefit the regional areas of Tasmania. A great alternate route between Devonport and Launceston along the Frankford and West Tamar Highways and an option from Launceston via Seahorse World, across the Batman Bridge and on to George Town and Bridport on the north coast and Pipers River area vineyards. See one of our blogs for other ideas to do in the local area or click on the 'Discover Tasmania's Tamar Valley' button.

Seahorse World's other facilities include a coffee shop, acclaimed gift shop and off-road parking, full disabled access and coach parking at our door.

The distinctiveness of Seahorse World is the fully guided tour experience by the centre’s enthusiastic staff. Their ability to constantly and continually excite and enthuse visitors is a hallmark quality of the venture.

Seahorse World value adds to their tour experience by offering gift shop and coffee shop facilities. Seahorse World prides itself on the extensive, up-to-date, free visitor information service it offers to visitors traveling in this and all other regions.

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